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Een Maat is een Concept waarmee wordt gedefinieerd hoe de Waarden van een Feit moeten worden geïnterpreteerd.

A Measure is a Concept that defines how Values of a Fact should be interpreted.



    Means of expressing the value of a quantity.
    [BS Glossary]

    quantity dimension
    expression of the dependence of a quantity on the base quantities of a system of quantities as a product of powers of factors corresponding to the base quantities, omitting any numerical factor

    Measure (mathematics)
    In mathematics the concept of a measure generalizes notions such as ‘length’, ‘area’, and ‘volume’ (but not all of its applications have to do with physical sizes). Informally, given some base set, a ‘measure’ is any consistent assignment of ‘sizes’ to (some of) the subsets of the base set. Depending on the application, the ‘size’ of a subset may be interpreted as (for example) its physical size, the amount of something that lies within the subset, or the probability that some random process will yield a result within the subset. The main use of measures is to define general concepts of integration over domains with more complex structure than intervals of the real line. Such integrals are used extensively in probability theory, and in much of mathematical analysis. It is often not possible or desirable to assign a size to all subsets of the base set, so a measure does not have to do so. There are certain consistency conditions that govern which combinations of subsets it is allowed for a measure to assign sizes to; these conditions are encapsulated in the auxiliary concept of a σ-algebra. In differential topology, the related concept of volume form is used more frequently. Measure theory is a branch of real analysis which investigates σ-algebras, measures, measurable functions and integrals.
    [Wikipedia (En)]

    Maat (wiskunde)
    In de wiskunde is een maat intuïtief een afbeelding die een grootte of volume of kans toekent aan objecten. Het resultaat is steeds positief.
    [Wikipedia (Nl)]

    Acceleration measure
    Activity measure
    Activity per mass measure
    Activity per volume measure
    Amount of substance measure
    Amount of substance per mass measure
    Amount of substance per volume measure
    Angle area per amount of substance measure
    Angle area per mass measure
    Angle per length measure
    Angle per time measure
    Angular acceleration measure
    Area measure
    Area per amount of substance measure
    Area per energy measure
    Area per mass measure
    Area per potential difference time measure
    Area per solid angle energy measure
    Area per solid angle measure
    Area per time measure
    Area temperature per power measure
    Capacitance measure
    Capacitance per length measure
    Class measure
    Count per length measure
    Count per time measure
    Current per area measure
    Curvature measure
    Damping coefficient measure
    Dimension 1
    Dose equivalent measure
    Electiric conductance area per amount of substance measure
    Electric charge area per potential difference measure
    Electric charge length measure
    Electric charge measure
    Electric charge per amount of substance measure
    Electric charge per area measure
    Electric charge per length measure
    Electric charge per mass measure
    Electric charge per mass time measure
    Electric charge per volume measure
    Electric current area measure
    Electric current area per energy time measure
    Electric current measure
    Electric current per length measure
    Electric field strength measure
    Electric potential difference current measure
    Electric potential difference length measure
    Electric potential difference measure
    Electrical conductance measure
    Electrical conductance per length measure
    Electrical resistance length measure
    Electrical resistance measure
    Energy area measure
    Energy area per mass measure
    Energy measure
    Energy per amount of substance measure
    Energy per amount of substance temperature measure
    Energy per area measure
    Energy per length measure
    Energy per length the fourth power measure
    Energy per magnetic field measure
    Energy per mass measure
    Energy per mass per time measure
    Energy per mass temperature measure
    Energy per temperature measure
    Energy per time measure
    Energy per volume measure
    Energy time measure
    Enthalpy measure
    Force area measure
    Force area per squared mass measure
    Force area time measure
    Force length measure
    Force length per angle measure
    Force length per length angle measure
    Force length per length measure
    Force measure
    Force per area measure
    Force per length measure
    Force per volume measure
    Force time measure
    Force time per length measure
    Force time per volume measure
    Frequency measure
    Frequency span measure
    Heat measure
    Heat per area temperature measure
    Heat per time area temperature measure
    Heat per time measure
    Illuminance measure
    Illuminance measure
    Illuminance time measure
    Inductance measure
    Length measure
    Length per length measure
    Length temperature measure
    Length to the fifth power measure
    Length to the fourth power measure
    Length to the sixth power measure
    Letter size measure
    Logarithmic scale
    Logarithmic scale per time measure
    Loudness measure
    Loudness measure
    Luminous flux measure
    Luminous flux per area measure
    Luminous flux per power measure
    Luminous flux time measure
    Luminous intensity measure
    Luminous intensity per area measure
    Luminous intensity per luminous flux measure
    Magnetic field strength measure
    Magnetic flux density measure
    Magnetic flux measure
    Magnetic flux per length measure
    Mass area measure
    Mass area per time measure
    Mass measure
    Mass per amount of substance measure
    Mass per area measure
    Mass per area time measure
    Mass per length measure
    Mass per mass measure
    Mass per time measure
    Mass per volume measure
    Mass velocity measure
    Moh scale
    Monetary measure
    Permeability measure
    pH scale
    Plane angle measure
    Power area measure
    Power measure
    Power per area measure
    Power per area temperature measure
    Power per area temperature to the fourth power measure
    Power per length temperature measure
    Power per solid angle area measure
    Power per solid angle measure
    Power per temperature measure
    Pressure measure
    Pressure per temperature measure
    Pressure time per length measure
    Pressure time per volume measure
    Range measure
    Reciprocal amount of substance measure
    Reciprocal area measure
    Reciprocal area time measure
    Reciprocal length measure
    Reciprocal pressure measure
    Reciprocal temperature measure
    Reciprocal time area measure
    Reciprocal time measure
    Reciprocal time solid angle area measure
    Reciprocal time solid angle measure
    Reciprocal time volume measure
    Reciprocal volume measure
    Reciprocal volume time measure
    Reluctance measure
    RGB colour measure
    Selection measure
    Solid angle measure
    Stress measure
    Surface charge density measure
    Temperature measure
    Temperature per length measure
    Temperature per power measure
    Time measure
    Velocity measure
    Viscosity measure
    Volume measure
    Volume per amount of substance measure
    Volume per area time measure
    Volume per mass measure
    Volume per time measure