Semantic Concepts: Properties

Kees Woestenenk, 2012-07-19

A Property is a Concept used to qualify an Appearance or a Collection. A Property is a generalized statement or predicate about another Concept, without being assigned to any Concept, it might be regarded as generalized semantics or knowledge. A Property gets persionalized when it is assigned to a Concept.


A Property is defined by its Description, its type-of Measure and its Value.


For a Property, the Description is part of the Definition. This implies that human interpretation is needed before it can be used in computer applications.


A Property may have several associated Measures.


A Property has either one parametric Value, or a set of fixed Values. The parametric Value is a placeholder that gets filled in when the Property is assigned to a an Appearance or Collection. Even then it can be left open for later assignment by a Subtype or by intsntiation. The set of fixed Values might be regarded as an Enumeration, when assigned to an Appearance or Collection a subset should be selected as applicable for the Apperance or Collection.