NTA 8611 (en) (2003): Guidelines for Object Libraries

Kees Woestenenk, 2012-04-04

The Dutch Technical Agreement NTA 8611 (en): 2003 Guidelines for Object Libraries aims "... to lay the foundation for the promotion of a uniform content of object libraries". The NTA distinguishes between several categories of object libraries, specified as functional units: List of Terms or Nomenclature, Explanatory Dictionary, Taxonomy, Singular Product Typology, Compound Product Typology and Grouping.

A List of Terms deals with the spelling of terms used in a particular context.

An Explanatory Dictionary provides lexical definitions of types of objects.

A Taxonomy specifies characteristics of object types and places them into a specialization hierarchy.

In a Singular Product Typology characteristics of object types are specified that are needed within a certain context, with the object regarded as a whole.

In a Compound Product Typology emphasis lies on the composition of an object type as an assembly of other object types.

With Grouping object types are grouped based on aspects.

For all these categories Guidelines for the content, and conformance classes are specified. A reference model of the different object types and relation types is specified, which for this documentation has been translated into a UML Class Diagram, as NTA 8611 Class Diagram, the two distinct models in the NTA have been merged into a single model. The names of the entities haven been taken from the English version of the NTA and are for this documentation preceded by the characters "lib". The lib classes only have relation attributes. All classes are derived from libAnything, with libObject , libTerm and libRelation as derived classes. libObject has four derived classes: libSubject, libCharacteristic, libUnit and libGroup. libRelation has five derived classes: libRelationBetweenClasses, libNamingRelation, libIdentityRelation, libGroupingRelation and (not explicitly shown in the model) libClassificationRelation. Of these libRelationBetweenClasses is again specialized as libSpecializationRelation (and has another derived class libSubjectSpecializationRelation), libCompositionRelation, libSubjectCharacteristicRelation and libCharacteristicUnitRelation. The libRelation classes specify explicit relations with and between libAnything, libTerm and the classes derived from libObject. The Guidelines in the NTA are grouped according to functional units, libObject and derivations, libTerm, and libRelation and derivations. Many of the Guidelines are implemented in SC. This documentation will refer to specific Guidelines where applicable.