Semantic Concepts: Documents

Kees Woestenenk, 2012-07-19

A Document is an Entity that refers to an external and that can be assigned to a Concept. A Concept can have several References and Documents can be assigned to several Concepts. A Document has a number of fields:

  • Document ID: A number, unique for SC, identifying a Name.
  • Document GUID: The globally unique identifier, identifying the Document on the international platform (IFD/bSDD).
  • Parent ID: The ID of a Parent document of which this Document is a Member.
  • Unique RefTitle: An abbreviated title, distinct from other titles, that can be used to identify a single Document or a Group of Documents.
  • Title: The Title of the Document, that is combined with the Unique RefTitle.
  • Edition: The Edition of the Document.
  • Publ Date: The Date of publication of the Document.
  • Publ Location: The Publication location of the Document. The Location might be a URL for Documents that can be found on the Internet.
  • Publ Language: The Language of the Document given as a Languuge code. The Language code is in the format Language-Country, where Language is a 2 letter code according to ISO 639-1 and Country is a 2 letter code according to ISO 3166-1 Aplha-2. For 'international English' a country-code 'IN' is used, en for 'Latin' the code 'la-LA'. Examples: 'nl-NL', 'en-IN', 'en-UK'.
  • Publishers: The Publisher(s) of the Document.
  • Authors: The Author(s) of the Document.
  • Document Text: An extract of the content of the Document.