Semantic Concepts: Collections

Kees Woestenenk, 2012-07-19

A Collection in SC is a grouping of Concepts that are not, or loosely coupled, and that share some characteristics. A Collection can also be referred to with the term Group. The Concepts contained in a Collection are called Members.


Collections are formally defined by their position in the Specialization hierarchy, by Interactivity, by Composition and by their set of Properties.


The Supertype of Collection is Concept. A Collection may have Subtypes. A Subtype of Collection may have additional Supertypes and can also have a set of Subtypes. A Subtype of a Collection is also a Collection.


Typically, a Collection has no Behavior of itself, however, if a type of behavior is a Behavior of all of the Members of the Collection, then this Behavior can also be assigned to the Collection.


The major part of a Collection is its set of Members. A Member of a Collection can be any type of Concept, and can even be a Collection itself. A Concept can only claim to be a Member of a Collection if it is listed in the Composition of the Collection.


Typically, a Collection has no Properties of itself, however, a Collection may have a set of Properties defining the criteria for being a Member of the Collection. Members of the Collection don't inherit that set of Properties, but wiil have those Properties assigned nevertheless, otherwise they couldn't be a Member.