Kees Woestenenk 2012-04-04

Semantic Concepts is a Library

  • Library of formal defined Concepts (Computer interpretable definitions)
  • Multilingual
  • Network of Generic Things and Activities
  • Repository of common knowledge
  • Possible integration with other common resources:
    • Product information
    • Specification systems
    • Costs and Planning databases
    • Standards, Building Codes and Regulations


  • Mental constructions, Ideas
  • Fundament for communication
  • Language based definitions in dictionaries

Semantic concepts

  • Formal defined (ISO 12006-3:2007 + additional Rules)
  • Things and Activities
  • Attached Names, Descriptions, Images, Comments, References
    • Multilingual Vocabulary, current languages English, Dutch
  • Arranged in multiple Specialization Hierarchies
  • Arranged in Semantic Networks through relationships
  • Definition

    • Definition covers Lifetime
    • Associations with Generic Concepts that can be replaced by Specific Subtypes
    • Definitions can be extended through Subtypes
    • Interactions

      • Activities performed by this Concept


      • Associated Concepts Part-Of this Concept
      • Things and Activities


      • Properties associated with this Concept
      • Properties with Fixed or Parametric Values

Semantic characteristics