Kees Woestenenk 2012-04-04

BIM is a Project Model

  • BIM typically models a single Project
  • The Project Model is typically a Composition model (Object tree)
  • Nodes in the Model are common for (communicated between) selected Project partners

BIM needs a Library of Concepts

  • Each Node in the BIM can be (should be) associated with a Concept from the Library
  • A Node Object is a Subtype of the associated Concept
  • Concept based Objects prevent disambiguity in communication
  • Semantic Concepts provide the basic structure for an Object
  • Semantic Concepts provide 'Known solutions' for design tasks

BIM example

Overview of some nodes in the BIM Object tree - at a certain project state - with the associated Semantic Concepts from which they are derived. The BIM is about a Project for New Office Building at a provided Site.