Semantic Concepts: Appearances

Kees Woestenenk, 2012-07-19

An Appearance is a Concept with an existence in Space or in Time. A Concept existing in Space is observed by its Shape, a Concept existing in Time is observed by its Activity, hence Appearance has two Subtypes: Shape, also called Subject, and Activity. We could interpret Shape and Activity as two results of the Big Bang, in that interpretation the origin of Shape and Activity is Energy: the Big Bang is the event that transformed Energy into Shape and Activity. Every Concept derived from Appearance is transformed Energy. Energy is a Concept in itself and is treated as a Subtype of Appearance, although it is not really a derivation.


Appearances are formally defined by their position in the Specialization hierarchy, by Interactivity, by Composition and by their set of Properties.


The Supertype of Appearance is Concept, and it has three Subtypes: Energy, Shape and Activity. All Concepts derived from Appearance have either Energy, Shape or Activity as their Ancestor. Subtypes may be derived from more than one Supertype and Subtypes may have Subtypes too.


Appearance and its descendants may show Behavior through related Activities.


Appearance and its descendants may be an Aggregate with Apperances as Components.


Appearance and its descendants can have a set of assigned Properties.