Kees Woestenenk 2013-02-21

Semantic Concepts version 3.1 - 2013

Semantic Concepts provides access to both the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD), also known as IFD LIBRARY for buildingSMART (IFD) and the Semantic Concepts Library (SC), formerly known as the STABU LexiCon. Semantic Concepts will also serve as the input and editing tool for the Dutch Library of Concepts (CB-NL). For more information on bSDD | IFD and SC see the INFO tab.

The Semantic Concepts website and library browser are developed by Kees Woestenenk ©. Access to the bSDD | IFD content is realized through the IFD Webservice as documented in the WSDL interface, API version 3.

Access to the contents of bSDD | IFD and SC is free for reading. For editing the content a log-in with username and password is required. Currently this service is not yet available.


The STABU LexiCon - 1996

The STABU LexiCon was first published in 1996 as a Windows desktop application, developed by Kees Woestenenk. It was a contribution to CONCUR (1996 - 1997), a project sponsored by the European Commission through the Brite-Euram research programme. The CONCUR partners were: Fortum Engineering Ltd. (Finland), KTH (Sweden), Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd. (United Kingdom), TNO Bouwinformatica (Netherlands), VTT Building Technology (Finland), Skanska (Sweden), Technical University Delft (Netherlands).

The LexiCon was also used in another European project E-CONSTRUCT (2000 - 2002), with partners Centre Scientific et Technique du Batiment (France), Betanet (Greece), Nemetscheck AG (Germany), Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd. (United Kingdom), TNO Bouwinformatica (Netherlands), Technical University Delft (Netherlands).

The LexiCon served as a model for the development of ISO 12006-3 (2007): "Building construction — Organization of information about construction works — Part 3: Framework for object-oriented information".

The LexiCon also served as a model for the development of the Dutch Technical Agreement NTA 8611 (en) (2003): Guidelines for Object Libraries that aims "... to lay the foundation for the promotion of a uniform content of object libraries".

In 2006 the Norwegian BuildingSMART group and STABU agreed on the Global Harmonization Of Object-Oriented Libraries, merging the STABU LexiCon and the Norwegian BARBi content into the IFD LIBRARY of buildingSMART.

Semantic Concepts version 1 - 2010

Version 1 of Semantic Concepts was published on the web in 2009. It was meant to provide public access to the LexiCon content and to document its structure and ideas.

Semantic Concepts version 2 - 2011

A maintenance update of version 1. The documentation was extended.

Semantic Concepts version 3 - 2012

A rebuilt interface and updated documentation. XML output and a simple Webservice were added. Semantic Concepts was used in a pilot project for the development of a national Library (CB-NL).

Semantic Concepts version 3.1 - 2013

A new interface for the Browser, based on feed back of the pilot project in 2012.