This is the start page of the Semantic Concepts Library (SC), in 2013 updated with a renewed interface for the Browser. More about this library and its relationship with the international buildingSmart Data Dictionary (bSDD) under the tabs INFO and ABOUT.

Login is not required for browsing, Login is only needed for editing the Library.

Browsing the Library

Before switching to the browser, select your language (English or Dutch) by clicking the button above. Then click the BROWSER tab to start browsing the Library in the chosen language.

The Library can be browsed in several ways.

The opening screen shows the concept 'Concept'. The concept 'Concept' is at the top of the hierarchy of SC. You can follow the hierarchy downwards by clicking a concept listed under 'Subtypes', and back in the other direction by clicking one of the 'Supertypes'. At certain levels of the hierarchy you can also choose on the left-hand side of the screen concepts that form the Composition hierarchy: 'Elements' and 'Elements of'.

On the lefthand side of this screen you will find a Search pane in the upper left corner. Here you can choose:

  • what language the search will use: 'all', 'English' or 'Nederlands'
  • which term to search for.
You may use the wildcard '*' at the beginning and/or end of your search term, this will find all terms containing your Search term.
The Search result is shown on the lefthand side under the Search panel. Clicking one of the results will bring up that concept with all its relationships.

Other information

More background information about SC can be found under the other tabs. Currently this information is only provided in English.